Escape Traditional Mundane Settings

#Fantasy Posted by Daniel Lynn on January 30, 2021

Do you prefer a hobby described as "ordinary, traditional, unexceptional, and general run-of-the mill?" Sounds like a blast, right? Absolutely not! Fantasy football should be exciting, fun, and creative. We do not want to be stuck behind someone out for a leisurely stroll driving 45 miles per hour in the fast lane. Let's put the peddle to the metal on that Bugatti Chiron Super Sport at 300 MPH, free-fall skydive from 20,000 feet, and scuba dive at Dean's Blue Hole in the Bahamas!

Thank you for celebrating our first ever Pigskin Nation article. We hope it's both entertaining and inspires you to spice up your leagues. Without further ado, here are 5 keystone settings we recommend to break free from the customary routine leagues and plunge head first into fantasy football euphoria.

Tip 1: Hold a Live, In-Person Auction Draft

There are countless reasons to switch from a boring, serpentine (aka snake) to auction style draft. Almost everyone who tries a fantasy football auction draft sees the light wondering now why he ever drafted in the conventional, snake format. Here are just three bullet points you can use to convince your league-mates to make the transition. First and foremost, auctions offer more equality wherein everyone is on a level playing field. If you randomly draw a late first round 2021 redraft pick then you have no shot at Christian McCaffrey the consensus top selection. Snake drafts are linear assuming that the next pick is one unit less valuable than the previous pick. This thinking is irrational defying logic since the market (auction) determines a player's value. Secondly, auctions are much more exhilarating! Owners are actively engaged in bidding on any player in contrast to the stagnation of a snake draft. Thirdly, auction drafts reduce the luck factor and rewards the more skilled fantasy owner.

Tip 2: Assign Free Agent Acquisition Bidding (FAAB) Dollars

This suggestion is basically the in-season extension of the first tip above (auction). An owner should not be awarded the hot waiver wire picked simply because he had top priority based on worse record or the fastest computer trigger fingers. Allow blind bidding to process weekly before the initial game that week and only then first come, first serve. Dropped players should be locked until the following week of bidding.

Tip 3: Eliminate Kickers (and maybe Team Defense)

Kickers should definitely get the boot - no pun intended. Their weekly performance is random and thereby unpredictable. Not surprisingly, these soccer dudes are usually drafted in the last round or for the minimum in auction. Scoring high in the team defense slot depends highly on choosing a waiver wire positive matchup against an inept NFL offense.

Tip 4: Allow Victory Points in Standings

Every year some poor bastard misses out on the playoffs with a 5-7 win-loss record scoring the second most points in the league. He has the weekly misfortune of always playing a high scoring team.

The solution here is each week an owner can receive up to 4 Victory Points (VPs) as follows:
Win = 2 VP
Top Third in Scoring = 2 VP
Middle Third = 1 VP

This VP system maintains the classic head-to-head matchups we all love as well as incorporating points scored each week into overall standings.

Tip 5: Design a Unique Playoff Format

How many times have you dominated a fantasy football regular season as the top seed with a 10-2 record only to get bounced in the first week of the playoffs? Tradition leagues place too much weight on the one week playoff. We suggest the following unique playoff format for 12-14 team leagues. Wild Card (Week 13) the two top scoring teams this week (Seeds 3-6) advance. Weeks 14-16 is then a three week All-Play Championship Round between the final four owners. Each week an owner can achieve a 3-0, 2-1, 1-2, or 0-3 record. The ultimate winner is best record for the 9 games with tiebreakers being total points then seed.

Summary Conclusion...

My hope is that this article motivates you to think outside the box, try something new, and bring even more enjoyment to your fantasy football endeavors. This article primarily focuses on the redraft format. The tips are simply suggestions that I have participated in over the years. I recognize my humility in that there are countless other eccentric styles developed from great minds such as individual defensive players (IDPs) and formats including but not limited to keepers, salary cap, contracts, dynasty, super-flex, survivor, and guillotine.

Please feel free to leave us a comment below. We appreciate you spreading the word of our site to family and friends. Until next time, see ya on the gridiron fellow Pigskin Nation!