About Us

This is what we do.

Pigskin Nation
Est. 2021

An inspiring young adult in his final semester of Computer Engineering at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana designs his own website using program coding skills learned. Subsequently, he asks his Pharmacist by trade father to collaborate in this effort in writing articles.

Our content will primarily focus on fantasy football articles and opinions in the beginning phase. It is estimated that an astonishing 40 million people participate in this hobby including 19% women within the “sport.” Fantasy football is mostly played for fun but also considered over a billion-dollar business. The demographics go far beyond a computer nerd and fat, balding old fart man responsible for this website.

Although fantasy football serves as our main topic we will also entertain discussion in random topics such as TV/Movies, Music, Food, Travel, etc. (no political discussions allowed since we wish to prevent censorship).

We hope to branch out into a podcast once we accumulate a substantial number of followers. Our purpose here is to simultaneously bring you insight and entertainment to your fantasy football experience. There will be times when our advice and/or predictions turn out to be wrong. Let us embrace these inaccuracies in learning how these misses occurred thus making us better players.

Finally, in alphabetical order we would be remiss by not mentioning our influences from the industry that currently includes: Justin Boone, Paul Charchian, the Fantasy Footballers, the Football Guys, Chris Harris, John Paulsen, Jeff Ratcliffe, and JJ Zachariason.

Welcome to Pigskin Nation!

Your Friends,
Andrew (son) & Daniel (father) Lynn